Brian Mann is a gospel minister and writer with experience in pastoral ministry since the year 2000. His education in both biblical and theological studies sharpen his fidelity to the Christian Gospel.

Pastor Mann is zealous about Christian maturity. He considers himself a maturing disciple preaching to raise up other maturing disciples to live out their callings both God-ward and man-ward. His personal mission statement has unchangingly been to promote a humility in humanity and a high-view of God through hope in Jesus Christ.

His calling to grow a faithful church that he can know, lead, feed, and genuinely intercede for has kept him at the task of consecutive preaching of the Bible at his present station since 2009. Brian believes that personal Bible study, prayer, and regular gathering in covenant with other Christians is what makes for success, something which he lives out depending on Jesus. Brian preaches regularly each Lord’s Day at his church and is looking for opportunities to expand his ministry through editing and writing. You can reach out to him at mann4christ@gmail.com.